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  • CITaerialSAP121516

    A fresh blanket of snow covers Lewiston in this panoramic photo taken from the air above Simard-Payne Memorial Park in Lewiston Wednesday afternoon.

  • A1teaserP120416

    Bristol Alexander, 3 of Farmington, left, and her cousin Charloette Emery, 2 of Wayne, wave to Santa as he makes his way down Main Street Saturday morning during the annual Chester Greenwood Day Parade in Farmington.

  • CITiceartSAP010117

    Wind blown snow stuck on this tree on Howe Street in Lewiston began to melt and fall with Friday's warm temperatures, but overnight freezing created a natural snow sculpture frozen in place, for now.

  • CITskiswap01SAP111416

    Stephanie Wright, of Monmouth, discusses a pair of skis her daughter, Kendal Wright, 5, left, picked out at Sunday's annual Auburn Ski Association Ski Swap at the Auburn Middle School. She was not sure if 22 month old Kerigan, right, would get on skis this year, but hesitated and said, "she always wants to do what big sister does, so you never know." Proceeds from the sales will benefit Lewiston-Auburn area ski teams.

  • Hannah Jones, 9, of Auburn, screams with joy as she flies down the hill at Pettengill Park in Auburn Sunday afternoon as they frolicked in the nearly two feet of new snow with family and friends under bright blue skies, bright sun and warm temperatures.

  • CITcatwalkSAP101916

    Amanda Dwelly waits for traffic to stop before crossing Cedar Street in Lewiston with her cats, Geronimo and Salvadore Tuesday afternoon. Originally from Bellingham, Massachussetts, Dwelly is staying with friends in the area and was heading to Hope Haven to get out of the rain and have something to eat.

  • CITtrump001Pr102916

    The crowd cheers Donald Trump as he makes a campaign stop at the Open Door Bible Baptist Church’s Christian Academy during Friday's rally in Lisbon.

  • CITbandshow001P102316

    Ashley Chopelas, a member of the Salem New Hampshire Blue Devil Color Guard, warms up prior to teaming up with the marching band to perform during Saturday night's marching band competition at ELHS.

  • BIZmaineoxy01SAP100816

    Auburn mayor Jonathan LaBonte tries out a plasma cutter at a vendors booth at Maine Oxy Friday afternoon prior to the company's grand opening of their new flagship store on Washington Avenue in Auburn.

  • BSECmysteryP102316

    Mystery Photo for November 23, 2016

  • CITbumbleBflySAP101116

    A bumble bee has a hard time flying as it takes off from a flower on the shoreline of Taylor Brook in Auburn Monday afternoon.

  • CITfallcolors02SAP101216

    Bates College freshman Sophie Gerry does her homework in the quad at Bates College in Lewiston Tuesday morning surrounded by fall colors.

  • CIThalloween03P110116

    Layla Cyr, 3, of Turner, carefully heads down the steps of a house on Davis Avenue in Auburn Halloween while trick-or-treating with her mother. "When I was a kid, I came here and have been bringing her every year." said her mother.

  • CITmockelection01SAP102216

    Edward Little High School senior Donnie Peterson wrestles with an armload of ballots that he was transporting form the ballot box to a table in the cafateria at EL where he and other seniors were counting the votes cast by the entire student body at the Auburn school. In addition to Bernie Sanders, several teachers in the school also received write-in votes.

  • CITmerryGOroundSAP102016

    With the help of her children Charles, left and Athena, right, Dorothy Stimpson push Sadie Stimpson on the merry go round at the Auburn Municipal Beach Wednesday afternoon. The family from Pownal were visiting grandparents who live in the area and took advantage of the beautiful weather to play outdoors.

  • CITmosqueopens01P102316

    Sala Aden, left, and his son Masah, 4, of Lewiston, liesten to the new imam speak during the opening of the new mosque on Bartlett Street in Lewiston Saturday afternoon.

  • CITmosqueopens02P102316

    Sala Samatar, left and Dayow Abdi, second from left, and other men listen to their new Imam speak during the grand opening of a mosque on Bartlett Street in Lewiston Saturday afternoon.

  • CITmountainOFterror01P111316

    Jake Gosselin, from Lewiston, jumps out from behind a sea of hoses at Lost Valley in Auburn Wednesday night during the dress rehersal for their upcoming Mountain of Terror.

  • CITmountainOFterror02P111316

    Olivia DuBois, of Auburn, screams in terror as an alien jumps out of her stomach during Wednesday night's dress rehersal for Lost Valley's upcoming Mountain of Terror.

  • A1teaserP111216

    Lisbon's Sidney Douglass winds up for a throw in during Tuesday's soccer match against Oak Hill in Wales.

  • CITdempsey001P100316

    Fall colors are a blur in this slow motion photo of a cyclist on Lewiston Junction Road in Auburn during Sunday's 8th Annual Dempsey Challenge Sunday morning.

  • CITdempsey002P100316

    Patrick Dempsey, second from right, is surrounded by family and friends as they make their way across the walking trestle from Auburn into Lewiston and Simard-Payne Memorial Park in Lewiston Sunday morning at the end of his ride.

  • BSECmysteryP100216

    Mystery Photo for October 2, 2016

  • CITgiantflag001SAP090816

    Lewiston firefighters and police officers pay tribute on the overpass on Old Lisbon Road in Lewiston early Wednesday afternoon. They were showing their support for a convoy of vehicles and motorcycles escorting a piece of metal from the World Trade Center in New York City that was being transported to Newfoundland. It will be included in a display at the Gander airport, where 38 planes were diverted and grounded during the 2001 terrorist attacks. The small town rallied together to care for the 6,000 people stranded there as airports in the US were closed.

  • CITfirefollow01P092016

    Patricia Read removes family photos from the wall of her mother's second floor apartment at 78 Oak Street in Lewiston Monday morning after a fire the night before destroyed the building that will be torn down in the next few days.

  • CITjohnson02P082716

    Natalie Staples, left and her brother David, of Brunswick, patiently wait with their father, Dean, center, for Gray Johnson and Bill Weld to arrive at Lewiston's Franco Center Friday night.

  • CITjohnson05P082716

    Instead of fancy, high priced shoes, Gary Johnson, right and his runningmate, Bill Weld, left, wear more practical attire as they stand on the stage of the Franco Center in Lewiston Friday night.

  • CITmeleeP081316

    Two young men are cared for in Kennedy Park in Lewiston Friday night after a fight.

  • CITpoolbattleSAP082616

    While Kyle Spence, 6, plays with his action figures, his brother Zach, 11, back right, wrestles with his friend Bret Binette, also 11, who lives nearby on Pond Road. The two older boys were trying to take each other down in Spence's pool on Buckley Street in Lewiston Thursday afternoon as they cooled off on Zach's birthday after a sleep over the night before.

  • CITskateparkSAP092916

    Judea Willis of Lewiston does a backside boneless off the side of a bowl at the Lewiston Skatepark Wednesday afternoon.

  • CITsteepleSAP091616

    Dave St.Hilaire, foreground, and his son Jake, from StHilaire Roofing in Lewiston, work on the slate and ridge cap of the Agora Grand Event Center in Lewiston Thursday morning. Hoisted nearly 200 feet in the air, they are completing the final renovation and maintenance at the former St. Patrick's Church. The steeple, according to historical records, is 220 feet high, making it one of the tallest structures in Maine.

  • CITvultureSAP090116

    A turkey vulture purches on the cross at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish on High Street in Sabattus Wednesday afternoon.

  • PHCumfbombP082616

    Jay Sawyer guides his f-bomb into position in front of University of Maine’s Emery Community Arts Center in Farmington Thursday afternoon. It was one of over 40 pieces from sculptor and metal artist Jay Sawyer of Warren. “Sculpture Soup” will run from Monday, Aug. 29, to Nov. 3. A reception for the Midcoast artist will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 9. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

  • PHCumfbomb05P082616

    Sawyer is framed by the letter U made up of screws.

  • SPTmonmadgsoccer01P100716

    Monmouth goalie Destiny Clough dives on the ball as Madison's Sydney LeBlanc tries to boot it past during Thursday's soccer game in Monmouth. Clough took a knee to the ribs and a cleat to the face on the save, but shook it off and continued to play.

  • WHY

    Did the chicken cross the road.

  • CITbuzzymetayer001P090616

    Buzzy Metayer ties down a firefighters flag at the top of a 70' pine tree along the side of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge in Lewiston Last Friday morning.

  • CITdempsey003P100316

    A pair of cyclists ride along the Riverwalk in Lewiston with the finish line in site at the end of their ride Sunday morning during the Dempsey Challenge.

  • CITtopshamfair02SAP081316

    Kaelin Darlings, of Bath, is startled when an Emu from RMT Farms of Litchfield stuck it's head out from the fence at their booth at the Topsham Fair Friday afternoon.

  • CITtopshamfairSAP081316

    After getting pestered by her brother Will while she was washing her holsteins, Sydney Bullard, 10 of Turner, sprays him as Reeve Twitchell, 12, washes another. Twitchell, the Bullards neighbor, was helping prepare the cows from the Bullard's farm, Brigeen Farms in Turner, for a showing at the Topsham Fair Saturday morning.

  • BSECmysteryP082116

    Mystery Photo for August 21, 2016

  • CITbutterbeeflowerfawn02SAP072616

    A butterfly feeds off a purple cone flower on the first hole at Augusta Country Club in Manchester during the opening round of Charlie's Maine Open golf tournament.

  • CITbottlesearchSAP072916

    Riley Barter-Levine, 11, of Auburn, holds a rat, while another person holds a Guinea Pig at the Mainley Rat Rescue in Auburn booth in Great Falls Plaza Saturday morning during Auburn's first annual Summer Festival which continues through Sunday. They were holding the pets for people to hold and pet in order to get over their fear of the animals. Her mom is a "foster mother" for the local chapter who's mission is to rehabilitate and find homes for surrendered or abandoned domestic rats, as well as spreading awareness, education and support for this often misunderstood animal.

  • Action from Tuesday's final round of Charlie's Maine Open golf tournament at Augusta Country Club in Manchester.

  • CITbatesdanceSAP072616

    Sarah Zucchero, of Portland, foreground, and Joanna McLarnan of Richmond, Indiana, glide through the air during Monday afternoon's Arfo-Modern dance class taught by Michel Kouaku on the campus of Bates College in Lewiston. The class is just one of dozens taking place during the Bates Dance Festival. For a schedule of performances, visit their website at:

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