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  • Kung Fu at APL

    Hannah Johndro, 9 of Danville, right, and others emulate Bob Dicrescenzo as he demonstrates a sword technique during Tuesday afternoon's Two Dragons Path Library Kung Fu at the Auburn Public Library. The workshop taught some simple quigong exercises and basic unarmed fighting techniques. All participants received a Young Dragon Certificate of Achievement for their efforts in the workshop. For more information on upcoming programs at the library, visit

  • Bubbly good time

    Wylder Demers-Dube, 7, right, has some fun swimming in her pool on Williams Street in Auburn Monday afternoon with her family and friends, including neighbor, Tristan Dermoody, 9, left.

  • Gymnastics on shaky ground

    Gymnastics instructors Jamie StPierre, left and Emelia Krapovicky spot Valentine Dresser, 5, of Lewiston as she jumps to the top bar on the uneven bars during the Tiny Tots gymnastics class at the Lewiston Armory Thursday afternoon. Because of recent staffing cuts at the Recreation Department, the program is in jeopardy.

  • Bee careful

    A bee moves in to try to rescue another from the grasps of a Goldenrod Crab Spider on a Black-eyed Susan in the garden of Barbara Hill off Hotel Road in Auburn Thursday morning. The bee jumped on top and tried to pull his friend off, but gave up after several attempts, allowing the spider to continue wrapping up it's dinner. Goldenrod Spiders have small jaws which contain venom. This venom allows them to take on animals much larger than them. Usually, the Goldenrod Spider grabs its prey with its front legs and injects the venom. It then sucks all the body fluids from its prey.

  • Community Raspberries

    After picking peas and other fruits of her labor in her plot at the Franklin Pasture Community Garden in Lewiston, Courtney Aldrich picks raspberries from the overloaded bushes surrounding the garden Monday morning that are available for anybody who has a plot. Aldrich not only has her own garden here, but she works for Lots to Gardens, a program sponsored by St. Mary’s Nutrition Center that has created urban gardens throughout the city. "It really helps beautify our city." said Aldrich.

  • 2014 Liberty Festival

    An man uses his umbrella to help propel his kayak up the river toward Great Falls in Lewiston Sunday afternoon during the Liberty Festival.

  • Legion of Honor recipient

    Marcel Doyon, a combat engineer who served in the 104th Infantry Regiment during WWII, looks out at family and friends clapping for him after Fabien Fieschi, Consul General of France in Boston presneted him with France's Legion of Honor medal, at his home in Lisbon Thursday morning. Dozens of friends and family gathered in his backyard to honor the humble hero who graciously accepted the medal. During his short acceptance speech, he pointed out that those who died on Omaha Beach where he landed and throughout the war should be remembered.

  • 2014 Liberty Festival

    Bernard Carey of Auburn has been adding to his patriotic outfit over the years and is proud to wear them as he watchse a band play at Veterans Memorial Park in Lewiston Sunday afternoon during the Liberty Festival.

  • 2014 Liberty Festival

    Morgan Mayhew twirls her baton while listening to the bands play in Veterans Memorial Park Sunday during the Liberty Festival.

  • Fireworks

    When Naughty Dog is done doing it's duty, he explodes.

  • Boxing back in Lewiston

    Joe Gamache Sr., right, is leaning on Glenn Cugno to take over the role of promoter and coach at his gym in Lewiston.

  • Charlies Maine Open opening round

    Shawn Warren, who won the Maine Open as an amateur in 2004, chips out of the 10th bunker at the Augusta Country Club Monday morning during the opening round of the 2014 Charlie's Maine Open that was eventually washed out.

  • Lisbon Street Accident

    A woman waits in her van until CMP crews turn off the electricity to the wires surrounding her vehicle on Lisbon Street in Lewiston across from the entrance to Gridiron Restaurant. The woman was transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. According to witnesses at the scene, the van, heading toward Lewiston, went up onto the curb and hit the pole, causing the single vehicle accident.

  • Turner fire

    Firefighters battle a fire on Route 4 in Auburn Monday afternoon that started in a garage when sparks from a sawsall being used on an automobile created an explosion that destoryed the garage and home.

  • Splashing around Sabattus Pond

    Jaikob Traverse, 9, of Lewiston, has some fun making waves at Martin Point Public Beach on Sabattus Pond in Sabattus Tuesday afternoon.

  • Messy Art

    Oscar Gronros, 6 of Hebron adds some camel tracks to his artwork at the Auburn Public Library during the afternoon Messy Art Class. There are two more messy art classes taking place Saturday at 9:15 and 10:45, free of charge. If interested, call APL at 333-6640 ext.3 , or stop in to make your reservation.

  • Lewiston fire

    Lt. William “JR” Wallace of the Lewiston Fire Department looks out the window that was the focus of a fire in an apartment building at the corner of Birch and Bates Streets in Lewiston Monday night. To watch a video from the fire, visit

  • Allen-Michael St. Claire sentenced

    Sunny Corbin, back middle, gives her mother, Tracey Matzen, left and sister Bonnie Corbin, right a hug after the two read statements during the sentencing of Allen-Michael St. Claire, foreground, Tuesday afternoon in Androscoggin County Courthouse in Auburn.

  • Moxie

    Frank Anicetti shows off h is famous pose behind one of the counters at the Kennebec Fruit Company in Lisbon Falls last week.

  • All Wheels off Road off limits

    Don Arel, accompanied by his dogs, Curly, left and Jack, drive his ATV past the gate to his 400 acre off-road recreation park that he has been forced to close on the outskirts of Lewiston.

  • CrazyAss Music and Color Festival

    Brittany Johnson , right and Julie Ouellette, both of Lewiston, blow bubbles Friday night in Hebron as the CrazyAss Music and Color Festival kicks off.

  • CrazyAss Music and Color Festival

    Mariah Dube of Monmouth blows bubbles as the band Zealous Bellus plays in the background Friday night as the CrazyAss Music and Color Festival kicks off in Hebron.

  • Splashing on the pad at Kennedy Park

    Trever Bartlett-Walsh, 6, of Lewiston, runs through one of the water features on the splash pad at Kennedy Park in Lewiston Tuesday afternoon on the second day of the season. The park is open 7 days a week, M-F 12:30-5 and 12;30-4:30 on the weekends.

  • Fly problems in Turner

    Lynne Barlow watches a fly squirm Tuesday night in one of a dozen traps she and her husband Russ set out in their General Turner Hill Road garage in Turner a few days ago

  • Legion Baseball

    Bessey Motors right fielder Brady Lafrance makes a diving catch off a fast sinking line drive during Tuesday's Legion baseball game against Locke Mills.

  • Legion Baseball

    After his teammate got caught in a rundown trying to score from third base, Locke Mills' Caleb Gauvin gets tagged ouch trying to dive back into first base during the second rundown on the play by Oxford Hills' first baseman Mitch Lorenz.

  • Splish splashing into home plate

    Camden Roy, 6, slides into home plate with in inside the water park home run as his father, Chris, shags the ball while playing Banzai Grand Slam Baseball Slide with his sister and some neighborhood friends in his front yard on East Avenue in Lewiston Wednesday afternoon.

  • Child falls out third floor window in Lewiston

    A 3 year old boy is taken to an ambulance after falling out a third floor window, top right, at 105 Walnut Street in Lewiston Friday afternoon.

  • Falmouth at Poland baseball

    Poland third baseman Shawn Murphy dives for the ball during Tuesday afternoon's game against Falmouth. Murphy managed to knock the ball, limiting the Freeport batter to a single.

  • Around the world in Turner

    Athena Bean, right, a first grader at Turner Primary School, adjusts her flag from India as it blows in the wind outside the school Wednesday afternoon at the end of Around the World Day celebration. Each class at the school adopted a country at the beginning of the year, learning all about it throughout the year. During the past two weeks, the classes have decorated their rooms and hallways throughout the school. On Thursday, each class made presentations for the others with facts, stories, videos, songs and other ethnic scenarios. At the end of the day, the entire school paraded outside, many dressed in their adopted countries styles and sang songs. The popular program has been going on for over a dozen years. At left is Emily Martin, holding the Irish flag and Ashlyn Neiley, holding the Russian Flag. All three are first graders.

  • Auburn accident

    Auburn firefighters and United Ambulance personel work to extricate Bethany Mason of Turner from her car on the side of Washington Street South Sunday morning around 10:00 am. According to Tom Murphy, the driver of the truck in the background, he was crossing Washington Street on Beech Hill Road and did not see Mason approaching. Murphy was shaken up, but did not require medical treatment. Mason was transported to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries.

  • Poland Regional High School graduation

    Poland Regional High School teacher D'Arcy Robinson, center, takes a selfie with Katie Young, left and Mikayla Spinney, right just before walking into the school's gym for Sunday afternoon's graduation.

  • Washburn Elementary School Field Day

    Washburn Elementary School 3rd grader, Bryce Holt-Giard passes a cup filled with water to 2nd grader, Elizabeth Gove, during a game of "bucket brigade", one of many being played during Monday's Field Day held at the PAL center in Auburn.

  • Planting at the Knox Street Community Garden

    After much preperation in the Knox Street Garden in Lewiston over the past few weeks, Wednesday was the big planting day. While some crops were already in the ground, the favorites, peppers and tomatoes were brought in by the staff from St Mary's Nutrition Centers Lots to Gardens program Wednesday afternoon. There are 27 plots in this garden, one of many throughout the city that local families plant and tend to all summer long. Rukiyo Hussein, 15, of Lewiston, sweeps dirt around a pepper plant she just planted.

  • Water fun

    After being couped up all winter and with the warm days we have been having, Maddix Holden, 6, of Poland finally got a chance to splash into Tripp Pond in Poland late Tuesday afternoon for the first time this year.

  • First day on the water

    After buying a new stand up paddleboard today, Melia Dana and her daughter, Sage Fuller,9, of Poland, couldn't resist trying it out on Tripp Pond in Poland Tuesday evening.

  • Dandelions forever

    Dandelions, new and old, soak up the sun in a field next to Temple Shalom in Auburn Thursday morning.

  • Street boat

    When Carmen Cohen heard her dog barking in the window of her home at the bottom of Montello Hill in Lewiston Thursday morning she looked out to see a boat in the middle of the hill. She ran out to help direct traffic while her neighbor, Roland Lambert, not in photo, figured out what to do. He has just pulled out of his driveway, headed for the repair shop. "I guess I will have to have a little more work done on it now. I can see a crack in the lower unit." said Lambert as he waited for a tow truck to arrive.

  • Sabattus Street accident

    Alex Burton of Auburn was lucky to escape with just a scratch on his arm after his truck hydroplaned while traveling on Sabattus Street and crashed into this tree at the corner of Sabattus and Webster Street in Lewiston Monday night.

  • Freeport at Gray-New Gloucester baseball

    Gray-New Gloucester shortstop Tyler St Pierre lunges to make a play on a sharply hit grounder during Monday afternoon's home game against Freeport. The ball flew past for a hit and the Falcons went on to a 5-1 victory

  • Freeport at Gray-New Gloucester baseball

    Gray-New Gloucester catcher Evan Harmer has his eyes on Freeport's Niko DiFazio as is tagged out trying to scamper home on a infield hit during Monday's baseball game in Gray.

  • 2014 Bates College Commencement

    Brittney Davis, of Chicago Illinois, rejoices as the last person of her 2014 graduating class at Bates College receives their diploma Sunday morning at the Lewiston campus.

  • 2014 Bates College Commencement

    Kaitlin McDonald gives Bates College Dean of Students Tedd Goundie a hug as she and the rest of the graduating class of 2014 file past faculty after Sunday's commencement on the quad at the Lewiston college. For more photos from the ceremony, visit

  • Auburn accident

    Richard Jensen, left, comforts Richard Dechaine of Auburn at the corner of Main and Mill streets in Auburn Thursday morning after the car Dechaine was driving, foreground, collided with a vehicle, background, driven by Melinda Stevens of Winthrop. According to Jensen, he was in a funeral procession and noticed Stevens stopped in the middle of the intersection, waiting for the procession to pass. He stopped to let her go, but the light had turned green on the Mill Street side where Dechaine was traveling and when he went through the intersection, the two vehicles collided, sending Dechaine's vehicle into the telephone pole. Neither driver was seriously hurt in the accident.

  • Memorial Day Parade

    Connor Davis, 7 of Auburn, waves his flag as the Memorial Day Parade comes across the Longley Bridge Saturday morning. In the background is Jeremy Dubois-White, with his son James, 3 who are from Bridgeport Connecticut and were in town visiting relatives.

  • Rain ride

    When a sudden downpour hit Lewiston during the River City Rivals track meet at Lewiston High School, Nathan Cook carried his girlfriend, Heather Kendall to her car and back to get an umbrella so she wouldn't get her spikes dull or slip on the tar in the parking lot. For a story and more photos on the meet, turn to the sports section.

  • River City Rivals Track Meet

    Bangor's Garrett Johnson launches himself toward the sky on his way to clearing 11' 6" during Saturday's pole vault event during the River City Rivals Track Meet in Lewiston. He eventually cleared 12' to win the event.

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