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An Ichneumon wasp lays it's eggs in a tree in Lewiston.  The long tail of this largest of the Ichneumons is an ovipositor for laying eggs.  It is used to penetrate through wood and lay an egg in the developing larva of a horntail, a primitive wasp whose larva feeds in tunnels inside the wood.  The Ichneumon can sense the vibrations of the feeding horntail larvae with its antennae to find its prey.  The egg develops in the larva, not killing it until it is full grown.  The wasp pupates in the horntail tunnel, and, when an adult, chews its way out through the bark.

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  • Lewiston arrest

    A suspect tries to jump out a window at 34 Shawmut Street in Lewiston after being cornered in the building by Lewiston Police that had been searchig for him. Visit to watch a video of the arrest. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • While most everyone sledding on the hill at Paradis Park on Pierce Street in Lewiston was using a sled, Adrizak Raheem, 14, and other firends from Lewiston, used trash can lids, laundry baskets, and whatever they could find Sunday afternoon. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • Phillip Pendexter, 15, pulls his friend Jordan Carter, 15, around their Spring Street neighborhood in Lewiston Sunday afternoon. "We were watching YouTube videos of people "sending it" so we decided to send it ourselves" (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • The three downtown bridges between Lewiston and Auburn can be seen from this aerial photo as the partially frozen Androscoggin River meanders through the Twin Cities Wednesday afternoon. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • Black Friday shoppers at Kohls in Auburn bundled up as they wait in the front of the line Thursday night. Pat Conrad of Lewiston, left, was "roped into" joining her friend and co-worker to check out the Black Friday experience for the first time.

  • Jen August, reflected in mirror and her son, Michael Hynes, 14, of Auburn, react as barber Rick Morrow shows off Michael's hair that he just cut off at Apollo Barbers in Auburn Saturday morning. Hynes has only cut his hair 3 times in his life and decided he wanted a change and to try something different. He wants to donate it to a non profit with a worthy cause but has not yet decided where. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • "Here it comes" says Max Moulton, 7, to his best friend, Ethan Pulk, 8 as a model train comes around the bend at the Great Falls Model Railroad Club on Mill Street in Auburn Saturday afternoon. The best friends from Auburn have been coming to the ExTRAINaganza since they were toddlers. The fun for all ages continues Sunday and all next weekend from 10-4. For more information, visit their

  • Bates' James Mortimer drives to the basket and floats one in between UNE's Ryan Matthews, left and Jackson McCoy during the first half of Sunday night's basketball game in Lewiston. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • Saint Dominic Academy goalie Payton Winslow dives on the puck before Lewiston's Madison Conley can get a stick on it as she slides through the crease during Monday night's hockey game at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • Bates' Emily Freedland, bottom battles Colby's Paige Russell for a rebound during Tuesday night's game in Lewiston. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • Edward Little High School basketball player Wol Maiwen dunks in the EL gym during a recent practice.

  • Volunteers Ray Labreque, right and John Logan spend a tender moment with one of the three horses at Rising Stars Theraupetic Farm in Turner last week. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • Rising Stars Therapeutic Farm volunteer Carline Kelley reacts as staff member Jenna Presby gives the farm's cow, Brady, a kiss after they completed their chores on the Turner farm last week. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • Rianna St.Pierre, 9, of Poland, scrutinizes over what tree she wants to put her raffle ticket in to win at the Kora Temple in Lewiston Wednesday afternoon at the annual FEZtival of Trees.

  • Rick Speer heads to shore on Lake Auburn near his home on North Auburn Road Friday after a paddle around the lake. "I wanted to get one more in during December before I hung it up for the year." said the retired librarian. For a shore aerial video of the north end of the lake and the basin, visit (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • CITcowONthelooseSAPV110217

    Auburn Police Officer Travis Barnies reacts after a Jersey cow, background, gave him the slip while trying to herd it back into it's pasture across from Park Avenue School in Auburn Wednesday afternoon. He responded after calls came into dispatch for a cow walking down Park Avenue. Timothy Berube, the son of the property owner arrived and the two coaxed it back into the pasture where two others and 5 sheep were grazing. "The storm wreaked havoc on our fence and I need to help get it fixed." said Berube as Barnies chuckled and walked away and said "No harm, no foul!" To watch a short video of the brief chase, visit

  • NORbuckfieldstandofffri01110417

    An Oxford County Sheriff's Officer pats down Jason Merriam on Bradeen Road in Sumner Friday morning after he brought out of the woods where Maine State Police Tactical Team members captured him.

  • NORbuckfieldstandofffri02110417

    Members of the Maine State Police tactical team leave the scene on Bradeen Road in Sumner after capturing Jason Merriam Friday morning.

  • CITsuvcrash01P110417

    Auburn firefighters survey the damage to an SUV that crashed into the building at the corner of Charles Street and Western Promenade in Auburn late Friday afternoon. The occupants fled the scene and according to police reports the driver was apprehended shortly after and they were looking for the other two occupants. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • CITauthor01SAP101317

    Geiger Elementary School second-grader Caleb Maile, back left, turns his hands into pretending binoculars as he and other second graders look at illustrations guest speaker Chris Van Dusen is showing to all the second graders gathered in the library Thursday morning at the Lewiston school. Each year Geiger brings in guest authors from Maine to promote literacy and creativity.

  • CITbasilicaSAP110617

    Main Street in Lewiston and beyond can be seen from this aerial view of the Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul in Lewiston Sunday morning.

  • CITlegalpeaceP110117

    Vivian Ocharsky, of Auburn, left, spins a spooky tale while having fun with Blunt Man (Glen Carter from Legal Peace) on Lisbon Street in Lewiston Halloween night where the business was giving away free marijuana to legal age adults. "Let's see if we can light him up and smoke him," said Christopher Williams, right, of Lewiston as Cassidy Williams of Lisbon, center, checks out his uniform as the three friends joked around with Carter before heading inside the store. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • CITmadscience002SAP102717

    Ethan Longley, 7, of Auburn, center in red, and other children make scary faces at the request of Taryn Friedman "Lightning Lucy" to be chosen to help during an "experiment" she was performing Thursday night at the Auburn Public Library. Mad Science of Maine presented their Spooktacular Science Show for a capacity crowd during one of the library's ongoing presentations. Visit to see a variety of expressions and reactions from the show and for a list of upcoming presentations. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

  • CITcomicon02P092417

    Amity Reynolds, of Topsham is reflected in the glasses of her roomate, Leona Monroe, who was dressed up as Cog, a steam punk character as they stroll through the Lewiston Armory Saturday afternoon during the Great Falls Expo

  • CITdayOFdead01SAP101217

    Lewiston Middle School 8th grader Jayden Roy works on his Day of the Dead shrine at the school Wednesday afternoon that he was dedicating to his grandfather, Roger Rodrigue, who was in the army. The unique arts program was taking place in the Spanish language classes of LMS teacher Jennifer Goodine. Joined by teaching artist Natasha Mayers, the students created "shrines" to their personal experiences of loss. Using a wide range of materials, much of which Goodine collected from "the dump" depict their sense of loss visually and also in written form, preparing short essays describing who or what they are commemorating. Over 150 students took part in the project, in it's 7th year, and will be on display at Lewiston City Hall and LA Arts on Lisbon Street on Friday October 27th.

  • CITdempsey05P100717

    Patrick Dempsey is reflected in the glasses of Jamie Cole, of Maryland, a "warrior" from the group Challenge to Conquer Cancer, as he meets the group after arriving in Veterans Memorial Park in Lewiston Friday afternoon.

  • CITdempsey01P100717

    Shannon Howard, of Greenville South Carolina gets a kiss from Patrick Dempsey in Veterans Memorial Park in Lewiston Friday afternoon after he greeted her and other warriors and bike riders from Challenge to Conquer Cancer, who had just arrived after biking or driving 1,300 miles from South Carolina to take part in this weekend's Dempsey Challenge. Little did she know that when she and her husband helped put on a bbq back home with the group forming the ride in 2008 that her husband, who passed away from cancer recently, would come full circle with being helped by the funds they helped raise.

  • CITdomesticviolenceSAP100317

    Melissa Stevens, of Lewiston, center, is comforted by her daughter, Angelina McHenry, 12, Monday night at Veterans Memorial Park in Lewiston as they listen to stories surrounding domestic violence. Stevens, a survivor of domestic violence, and several dozen other survivors, officials and supporters gathered at Festival Plaza in Auburn where several speakers addressed the crowd before they all walked over the Longley Memorial Bridge into Lewiston where the vigil, organized by Safe Voices, continued. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

  • SPTmvc01P101517

    Monmouth's Danielle Parker, #72 and other teammates race close to the front at the start of Saturday's MVC Championship Cross Country meet in Augusta. Monmouth won the team title.

  • BSECbasilica03PIX01P101517

    A seemingly demonic plate on the handle of a door in the closed off garden.

  • CITwluSAP091417

    After pulling aside some crumbling concrete pavers that will be replaced, Bill Hamilton, right, a local architect who is overseeing the ongoing restoration project at the Women's Literary Union in Auburn, and Tom Bragg, of Bragg Masonry of Sumner, look into the hole that has eroded the steps of the nearly 100 year old iconic building on Elm Street Wednesday afternoon. Bragg plans to remove the top two or three granite steps and sure up the foundation. He is also repairing the structural damage done to the retaining wall and carriage house for an upcoming Centenial celebration and fundraising gala at the mansion sometime in November.

  • CITartwalkSAP091617

    Corrina Tancrede reaches for a different piece of chalk while doing sidewalk chalk art on Lisbon Street in Lewiston Friday night. She was representing Wicked Illustrations, one of dozens of businesses and artists taking part in Friday night's monthly Art Walk

  • FARfarmingtonfair01P092017

    Brooklynn Webber, 9, of New Vineyard, directs her uncle's twin milking shorthorn's, Phineas and Ferb to their stalls as he shows another pair at the Farmington Fair Tuesday afternoon. Her brother, Leland, 3, runs to get in on the action as most of the extended family from Webber Family Farms take part in the fair.

  • BSEChighaltar03P091017

    Looking throuh a chair at the high altar from the Dominican Choir.

  • CITbiketoschoolSAP091817

    After stopping traffic on Central Avenue Monday morning, Lewiston Police Officer Joe Philippon, left, directs Geiger Elementary School students, parents and faculty from Fair Street as they make their way onto Central Ave. on their way to school. The group met at Pettingill School playground where the neighborhood school was previously located before Geiger was built where some of the parents and faculty taught or went to school. The event was organized to help promote a healthy way to start the day.

  • SPTbucklisfoot01P090317

    After a pass was deflected, Lisbon's Ben Blake, left, made sure Bucksport's Logan Stanley didn't come up with the catch during the first half of Saturday afternoon's game in Lisbon. For more photos from the game, visit

  • CIThandstandSAP072617

    Sara Murray does a split on top of a Jersey barrier in a field near her house on outer Main Street in Lewiston Tuesday afternoon. She and a friend were walking around the neighborhood and enjoying the day taking photos of each other.

  • CITparachuterunSAP081217

    Josh Kaiser, 16, of Auburn, uses a parachute to slow him down and add extra resistance while he does sprints in a field next to Walton School in Auburn where he will be playing football games in the upcoming fall season. The junior at Edward Little was preparing for double session practices that start next week.

  • CITdumptrumpSAP080917

    Each summer Edward Little High School seniors are allowed to paint their designated parking spaces in the Auburn school's lower parking lot. Tuesday afternoon, senior Patrick Luizzo, second from left, got some help from a few of his friends painting his word search themed spot. "The school has given me a blank canvas and I'm making a political statement," he said as they painted the red P in the word TRUMP. DUMP would be the only other red letters in the sea of black. Asked if he though there would be any "political fallout" with the school, he said, "The school is pretty tolerant of political discussion." His friends left to right laughed and said differently. Grace Beaudet, Piper Norcross, Luizzo, Maddie Thistlewaite.

  • CITeclipse01Pr082217

    Kendall Merrill, 6, of Auburn watches the solar eclipse at it's peak viewing time of 2:45 pm on the lawn at the Auburn Public Library Monday afternoon.

  • CITeclipse02Pr082217

    Cindi Byrkit, left of Auburn and Kendall Merrill, 6, of Auburn watches the solar eclipse at it's peak viewing time of 2:45 pm on the lawn at the Auburn Public Library Monday afternoon.

  • CITeclipse05Pr082217

    Lucille Leclair, of Lewiston and Enoil Boutot, of Auburn, watch the solar eclipse from the lawn at the Auburn Public Library Monday afternoon.

  • CITeclipse03Pr082217

    Cade Merrill, 12 and his mother Bethany, of Auburn, watch the solar eclipse on the lawn of the Auburn Public Library Monday afternoon

  • CITfirstDAYofSCHOOL03SAP082217

    Benjamin Dumais, right, concentrates on the first day of school at Saint Dominic Academy with other students in the forth grade as they work on an assessment exercise Monday afternoon at the Lewiston campus.

  • CITfirstDAYofSCHOOL01SAP082217

    Sophia Dagneau, left, reaches for a colored pencil while she and her first grade classmate at Saint Dominic Academy in Lewiston, Easton Theriault, right, work on a writing assesment exercise on the first day of class Monday afternoon.

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