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  • CITaccidenP052416

    A Lewiston firefighter peers into the drivers window of a car a teenage driver and at least one pasenger climbed out and escaped serious injury Monday afternoon after the vehicle rolled into a field on Farwell Street in Lewiston between Charles and Goulet Streets. The driver told police that he swerved to avoid a cat.

  • Lewiston firefighter Bill Bergeron vents the roof of 31 Pettingill Street in Lewiston.

  • CITfire03Pr051716

    Chris Hinkley uses a hose that he stretched across the street from his house on Jepson Avenue to help extinguish a fire that jumped from the house fire on Pettengill Street to the lawn and woods behind it in Lewiston Tuesday night.

  • CITreenactmentP052416

    Bates College students dressed as Danish, Viking raiders and Anglo-Saxon warriors battle on the athletic field at Lewiston High School Monday morning with an audience of about 400 freshman from LHS.

  • Crabby bee

    A bee collects pollen on a crabapple tree off Central Avenue in Lewiston Thursday morning.

  • A1teaserP061816

    Runners take off at the start of the 100 dash during Tuesday's track meet at Gouin Field Complex in South Paris.

  • CITcoldfansSAP061716

    Fans bundle up against a fridgid wind as Lisbon's Carly Drischler swings at a pitch during Monday afternoon's game against Telstar in Bethel.

  • CITcrowvaneSAP050616

    A crow takes fllight from the top of a cupola at the Fortin Group/Auburn funeral home on Turner Street in Auburn Thursday afternoon.

  • CITlepagetownhallP050516

    Carissa Tinker, of Bar Harbor, from Maine Student Action Network, center in blue, along with over a dozen others rose to their feet and pulled out signs during Wednesday night's town meeting at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center in Lewiston, Maine.

  • CITmothersdaySAP050916

    Brandon Bennett, left and his sister Madison, right, watch their mother Angel, of Sabattus, put the finishing touches on a new memorial at the gravesite of her mother, Rachel Turgeon, Sunday morning at St. Peter's Cemetery in Lewiston. It was an emotional mother's day for everyone there, including Angel's sister Tammy Allen, background, of Monmouth, whose mother recently died unexpecidly just a few months ago.

  • CITriverrescue02Pr051316

    Androscoggin County Chief Deputy William Gagne grabs onto a boat pioleted by Maine Game Warden Dave Chabot at the Turner boat launch Thursday afternoon. In the back are Carlos Portillo and his wife who had to be rescued themselves after coming to the aid of another boater whose boat was sinking in the middle of the Androscoggin River. Chabot called a friend, Don Fortin, who lives nearby on the river and asked to use his boat.

  • CITriverrescue01Pr051316

    Carlos Portillo, of Turner, kisses his 5 year old daughter Carly at the boat launch in Turner after being rescued from the Androscoggin River.

  • SPTcolbybateswlax02P042816

    Colby's McGara DeWan, left and Bates' Camille Belletete vye for a faceoff during Wednesday night's women's lacrosse game at Bates College in Lewiston.

  • SPTbrunLEWlax01P051816

    Lewiston's Roman Denis tries to get control of the ball as Brunswick's Jack Hladky puts the pressure on him during Tuesday afternoon's lacrosse game in Lewiston.

  • From left to right: Front row: Aliette Cloutier and Normand Gagnon. Back: Aya Wakita, Don Cunningham and Josh White.

  • Nearly full moon rising

    A nearly full moon rises behind Kents Hill Academy in Readfield Tuesday night. Friday it will be full.

  • CITjuliaP042916

    Julia Sleeper, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Tree Street Youth Center in Lewiston, is swarmed by staff and her "kiddos" at the center recently.

  • CITcircusprepSAP041216

    Elephant trainer Anthony Friscia opens the door for Asian elephants, Viola and Isa, after a long drive from Connecticut. They were heading into the Norway Savings Bank Arena in Auburn Monday afternoon in preperation for Tuesday's Garden Bros Circus performances at 4:30 & 7:30 inside the Auburn hockey rink. For more information and a link to purchase tickets, visit:

  • CITnasaSAP042016

    Abigail Burleigh, 4, of Lewiston, shouts with joy as she plays with an interactive exhibit at the Auburn Public Library Tuesday morning. She was visiting the library with her sister and parents during school vacation. The library is one of only 7 in the country that were chosen to host the exhibit, Discover NASA. On Friday, from 3-6pm, there will be an opening event with tours and talks on everything NASA. The exhibit will be on display until July 8th. For more information on this and other library programs, visit:

  • BSECsomaliartistsP040316

    Atiya Haji's works on a basket at the Somali Bantu Community Office, 145 Lisbon street Suite # 506, in the Professional Building, in Lewiston.

  • CITfestivalSAP041716

    A family of radish mice adorn a table of edible art that Ken and Steve Blais from Rolly's Diner were creathing Saturday afternoon during the first Monthly Street Festival in New Auburn at 4 Season Farm Market on Third Street. There will be a Street Festival every 3rd Saturday of every month until October.

  • CITdrugbust01SAP040716

    Lewiston police officers arrest a Alamine Mahamat, 20, of 119 Horton St. for violating conditions of release and refusal to submit to arrest at the corner of Howe and Ash Streets Thursday at 7:20 pm. According to a police officer on scene, when a patrolman tried to stop the Mahamat, he took off running. When searched, police found a bag of what appeared to be drugs, in his pocket.

  • CITkudosNancyswimsP042516

    Nancy Lizotte works with a group of young swimmers during a recent synchronized swimming lesson at the YWCA in Lewiston.

  • NORmaplesunday01SAP032816

    Aaron Mason checks the color of the latest batch of maple syrup that was being produced Sunday morning in the Sugar House at the family business, Greenwood Mountain Maple Products, during Sunday's Maine Maple Sunday. "It was an early season, and with the weather forecast for the coming week, we might hit our target of 1,000 gallons.

  • CITsnow02SAP042716

    Tulips are covered in melting snow in Dufresne Plaza in Lewiston Tuesday afternoon.

  • CITwhitings03P033116

    A beautiful smelling trash can full of marigolds, impatients, pansies , lantana and verbena sits in the corner of one of the greenhouses at Whiting Farm in Auburn Wednesday afternoon. The early flowers are picked off "deadheading", so that the energy of the plant goes into getting bigger and producing more flowers when they open for the season on May 7th.

  • SPTclawsenergy01P031916

    Maine Red Claws' Malcolm Miller finds a seam between Iowa's Terry Whisnant, left, Mardracus Wade, center, and D.J. Stephens , and flies to the basket during the first period of Friday night's game in Portland.

  • CITstormP040816

    Randy Burgess looks up at the damage to trees, including a prize black walnut, that were damaged when this pine came crashing down next to his house at the top of Goff Hill in Auburn Thursday. His mother Virgina planted the tree over 40 years ago. Burgess and his mom were watching TV when they heard the crack and crash. When they looked out, the noticed that it missed his new vehicle by inches as it came down parallel to the driveway at 467 Court Street.

  • Midweek mystery

    The Roak Block and Androscoggin River are reflected in the ball on top of the gazebo along the Riverwalk in Auburn.

  • A rusting, ornate, guard on the bridge across the canal on Canal Street in Lewiston frames city hall. The Bates Mill comples is on the left. Thousands of locals walked across this and others on their way to the mills.

  • Anna Bartlett, right, 2, patiently waits with her mother Lina, to pet a 2 month old pig that Joe Gray of Valley View Farm in Auburn is holding. It was the first pig Anna had ever seen and was getting up the courage to pet her like Nevaeh Howes, 3, of Lewiston, center. The petting farm was part of Friday night's Farmers Market at the Auburn Public Library. For more photos from the farmers market, visit

  • Natalie Garcia, 12, of Auburn, patiently waits for her mother to come check out a stack of books at the Auburn Public Library Wednesday afternoon. While many kids won't crack a book this week during school vacation, Natalie has an insatiable appetite for reading. "I can't bring books home anymore becasue she has read half of them." said her mother before grabbing half the stack and headed out to bring Natalie to swim practice.

  • Elizabeth Brackett of Auburn looks out at the SUV that hit her while traveling up Lisbon Street in Lewiston Wednesday morning. "I guess he didn't see me coming. He just came out of the credit union and crossed the street and ran right into me." said Brackett as she rubbed her bruised ribs. The elderly male driver of the SUV was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries.

  • Brody Emond, 8, of Wales, and other teammates from his Mites Orange team watch a game prior to the start of theirs Sunday afternoon at the Norway Savings Bank Arena in Auburn during the annual Lions Tournament.

  • No more naps

    Nathan Dibanda, blows on a feather Pre-K teacher Monica Miller was handing to Caylynn Nilsson during an art project at Longley Elementary School in Lewiston Wednesday morning. At left is Orla Shimwe. The children had mixed and ever changing opinions on taking naps in school.

  • Mike Bailey and his son Luke, 4, of China, cheer for their daughter/sister, who plays for the Central Maine Youth Bantam team during a game Sunday at the Norway Savings Bank Arena in Auburn during the Lions Tournament.

  • Shawna Bear of Poland , and her 5 year old son Caleb, looking up, check out a shell that Zander janelle, 4 of Lewiston found burried in rice at the Auburn Public Library Friday morning during the first Mother Goose Playgroup. At left is Ellie Kaufmann, 2 of Buckfield. Emily Sheloske of Poland who brought her 1 year old to play, said: " I'm a stay at home mom, so it's important to have my son interact with other kids, plus it's nice for me to be able to chat and interact with other moms."

  • Cold day for a ride

    Three of a half dozen horse drawn wagons make their way across a field in Lisbon Falls Sunday morning during the 23rd Annual World’s Greatest Sleigh Ride in Lisbon Falls that benefits Pine Tree Camp. The ride is sponsored by the Pejepscot Sno-Chiefs and the Farmer's Draft Horse Mule and Pony Club.

  • When Jashana Anderson,10, right, of Lewiston, first started to go to the Root Cellar after school about 4 years ago, she gravitated to the sewing, knitting and fabric art program. Thursday afternoon, she was helping volunteer Sarah Minnich, left, of Durham, help Zahra Abo, center, 8, learn how to crochet. The mission statement of the Root Cellar is" The Root Cellar is a Christian Mission with the goal of uniting the local community in the common cause of satisfying the physical and spiritual needs of inner-city youth and their families.

  • Walton Elementary School second grade teacher Ben Lavigne hopes his student, Lily Slocomb, is good with a hammer as she pounds the tap for a sap line in a tree in front of the Auburn school Monday morning. Next to her is Majick Starchild. In addition to the hands on lesson outside, the children will make a how to book using book creator on their i-pads.

  • Ash Wednesday

    Monsignor Marc Caron administers ashes to Emily Goepel as her son Ilya, 11 months, looks on at the 12:15 mass at the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Lewiston Wedneday. Emily's husband Seth and their daughter Yarrow, are from Hebron and are members of the parish. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent for Catholics. Ashes are received on the forehead in the shape of a cross to serve as an outward sign of sinfulness and need for penance. For Catholics, the ashes also symbolize mortality, a reminder that one day they will die and their bodies will return to dust.

  • Auburn Accident

    Auburn Firefighter Sita West carries a young boy to a waiting rescue vehicle after he and his father were involved in a head-on collision at 1958 Riverside Drive Monday afternoon shortly after it began snowing.

  • Crows roosting in Lewiston

    Thousands of crows roost in trees along the Androscoggin River in Lewiston Monday night. Crows form massive roosts from November to about March, when they go back to their home territories to start the nest-building and breeding process.

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