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7/20/99<br />
Russ Dillingham Lewiston Sun Journal<br />
A dragonfly takes a precarious perch on top of a milk adder as it swims along the banks of the Androscoggin River in Turner Maine Tuesday afternoon 7/20/99

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  • 5389# SJ.CITriverjumparrest.061719_

    Christopher Messier, 27, of Lewiston is hauled into the Auburn Rescue Boat in the middle of the Androscoggin River between Lewiston and Auburn Sunday afternoon by an Auburn Police Officer. When Lewiston police went to arrest him for failure to appear on a domestic violence charge he fled and jumped in the canal by Simard Payne Memorial Park and then along the banks of the river before jumping in and swimming away in hopes of getting away. Visit to watch a video from the river.

  • 4276# SJ.bsecheritagetrailP.050519greatFALLS

    Great Falls roars from spring runoff in this aerial photo taken April 30, 2019.

  • 5576# SJ.CITbearpondSAP.070219_

    Steve Sabine throws his daughter Aubrey into the air at Bear Pond in Turner, Maine at the town beach Monday afternoon as they and others from the area flocked to the cooling water on a hot summer afternoon.

  • 5480# SJ.CIThairDragSAP.062519_

    Auburn police arrest a man on the foot bridge between Simard Payne Memorial Park in Lewiston, background, and Bonney Park in Auburn after a good samaritan was attacked by this man when he tried to stop him from dragging a woman by the hair, right, across the bridge Monday afternoon.

  • 5429# SJ.CITspotP.062019_

    A 7 year old green iguana named Spot at Mr. Drew and His Animals Too facility on Lisbon Street in Lewiston at the Pepperell Mill.

  • 5534# SJ.CITopossumP.062719_

    Wildlife Rehabilitator Jennifer Marchigiani lets Percy get some fresh air outside Misfits Rehab in Auburn where he is recovering Thursday afternoon.

  • 4492# tr.SPTbrunslewBlaxP.042519_

    Brunswick's Chandler Coombs, left, gains possession of the ball after bounced around during the opening faceoff of the game where the Dragons slayed the Devils during Wednesday's lacrosse game in Lewiston. Second from left looking to challenge is Lewiston's Tanner Cortes.

  • 4593# SJ.BIZbostonP.050219_

    Inspector Irene Warner checks Fireball wiskey bottles on the line at Boston Brands of Maine in Lewiston Wednesday.

  • 4578# SJ.NORgardenSAP.050119_

    Nathan Kimball, right and Georgia Wright help Oxford Hills Middle School classmate Carter Currier get his boot unstuck from the mud while they were preparing garden beds at the Alan Day Community Gardens in Norway Tuesday morning. They were taking part in a program this week called Viking Voyage where all middle school students chose a variety of hands on activities outside the school grounds.

  • 4738# SJ.BSECfacetimecameronP.052619

    Principal Christine Lajoie-Cameron, center, is surrounded by the majority of the last 5th grade class she will see graduate in front of their school last week where she will be retiring from Carrie Ricker School in Litchfield.

  • 4900# sj.CITauburnpoliceP.052219_

    Auburn Police Officers back off to set up a perimiter as Maine State Police Tactical Team take over the scene at 185 Main Street in Auburn during Tuesday's 6 hour standoff.

  • 4900# sj.CITauburnpoliceP.052219_

    A woman involved in Tuesday's 6 hour standoff is taken away from the scene by Maine State Police Tactical Team members.

  • 4959# SJ.CIThartleyMuralsSAP.052419_

    Kathleen Schmitt inserts a piece of tile into one of the seams of the nearly completed mosaic art pieces that adorn the facade of the new Hartley Block on Lisbon Street in Lewiston. This piece is called Smelt Brook Falls, in Georgetown, Maine that was based on a painting by renouned artist Marsden Hartley and created by New York artists Stephen Miotto and Nancy Blum. Miotto, background, is being assisted by Kathleen Schmitt with the installation.

  • 5007# SJ.CITgraveVetSAP.052719_

    After visiting other cemeteries where his wife and other relatives are buried, Navy veteran David Jumper, of Lewiston, Maine went to Riverside Cemetery in Lewiston Saturday afternoon May 26, 2019 to look at his uncle's headstone to research how he, also a veteran, died in Cuba. He didn't think he died while on active duty but has always wanted to find out and decided to start this Memorial Day weekend. The uncle was one of hundreds of Americans who moved to Cuba before Castro and the revolution took hold.

  • 5009# SJ.citmemorialdayinLA.P052819_

    The Memorial Day Parade winds it's way around downtown Auburn.

  • 5059# SJ.CITroofSAP.053019

    Joe Lugo, from Hahnel Bros. Co. lugs equipment he was using to install a new rubber roof of 143 Blake Street in Lewiston Wednesday afternoon. The building has been vacant for the past 16 years until last year when St. Mary’s Health System donated the building to a group developing Sophia’s House, a project of The Center for Wisdom’s Women, that will provide a long-term residential community of hope and healing for women who have experienced trafficking/exploitation, prison and addiction. It is scheduled to open this fall.

  • 5319# sj.NORbison61519_

    Bison graze on the ranch at Beech Hill Farm & Bison Ranch in Waterford. Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

  • 5330# SJ.NORlakeSAP.061319

    April Evans, right, who lives across the street, relaxes on Pennesseewassee (Norway) Lake Wednesday afternoon with her sister, Jenni Williams, visiting from South Carolina. "The boat is broken, so this is the next best thing." said Evans as they floated off on a rare warm and cloudless day.

  • 5386# SJ.CITrainbowSAP.061619_

    Park Avenue Elementary School teacher Maggie Soule, left and students from the Civil Right's team got together to paint a rainbow crosswalk Saturday morning at their Auburn school. The idea was to not only add color to the parking lot but also let everyone know they are welcome. Painting the red is Ahmed Amin Hussein, behind him is Cindy Smith painting orange, Riyal Adow holds the green roller, top as Naima Ali, center, paints the yellow as Hannah Mogul, right, works on the blue.

  • 5388# SJ.CITmotoXsap.061719

    Jason Moffatt talks to his daughter Kendall before she tackles the track at Hemond's MX & Offroad Park Sunday afternoon for the first time on a track. Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

  • 5388# SJ.CITmotoXsap.061719

    Jason Moffatt, of Bowdoin follows his daughter Kendall as she rides the track at Hemond's MX & Offroad Park in Minot Sunday afternoon for the first time on a track. She crashed hard shortly after but eventually brushed it off and tried again. Next Sunday Hemond's will be hosting a youth race. For more information visit their website at Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

  • 5388# SJ.CITmotoXsap.061719

    George Hemond, 6, flies over a jump at his parent's track, Hemond's MX & Offroad Park in Minot Sunday afternoon. Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

  • 5388# SJ.CITmotoXsap.061719

    Cameron Allen, of Turner, flies over a jump at Hemond's MX & Offroad Park in Minot Sunday morning as his friends look on. Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

  • 5388# SJ.CITmotoXsap.061719

    Cameron Allen, of Turner, flies over a jump at Hemond's MX & Offroad Park in Minot Sunday morning as his friends look on.Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

  • 5451# SJ.CITnosunP062119_

    Pouring rain bounces off the helmet of Lewiston firefighter Bob Cailler at the scene of an accident on Bartlett Street in Lewiston Thursday afternoon.Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

  • 5451# SJ.CITnosunP062119_

    A man winces in pain at the corner of Bartlett and East Avenue in Lewiston Thursday afternoon after he was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle.Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

  • 5451# SJ.CITnosunP062119_

    Lewiston Police Officer Kevin Gagne at an accident on Bartlett Street Thursday afternoon.Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

  • 5478# SJ.CIThoverfishSAP.062519

    Adam Michaud looks for traffic as he and his son Bentley, 7 cross Main Street in Auburn Monday morning where they live after fishing along the Riverwalk next to the Androscoggin River.

  • 5542# SJ.CITsplashSAP.062919_

    Cooling off on the Kennedy Park Splash Pad Friday afternoon June 28, 2019 in Lewiston, Maine.

  • 5576# SJ.CITbearpondSAP.070219_

    Bailey Sabine, in the pink floaties, rides on the back of her father Steve as her sister's beg for him to throw them into the air as they play at the town beach on Bear Pond in Turner, Maine on Monday afternoon July 1, 2019.. Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

  • BORDERpatrol

    Border Patrol agents return to their vehicles after a routine search of an arriving Greyhound bus turned up notning Friday night at the bus terminal on Bates Street in Lewiston.

  • 4951# SJ.CITchapelPaintSAP.052419_

    Bates College senior Laura Nguyen paints a picture of the Peter J. Gomes Chapel on the Lewiston, Maine campus Thursday morning May 23, 2019. "I am getting the most out of the last few days before graduation. I am moving to New York to pursue a career in graphic design." Commencement exercises will be this Sunday morning.

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